About our Company


Founder & CEO

She is an Engineer, an Entrepreneur and an Executive Coach, she is the founder and CEO of World Network CS in Tunisia, the Co-Founder of ARAHA SARL a multinational services company based out of Tunisia and operating in the MENA region. She has also served as the Training & Development Director for the Tunisian American Chamber of Commerce (TACC) for 5 years, where she developed the training content, managed and coached the EATP program, a 5 month program designed to cause a transformation in people seeking jobs in this tough economic time. The program had over 80% success rate in that more than 80% of the people found jobs after being in the program. As the CEO of World Network CS and GM of ARAHA she continues to provide consulting and management coaching services to companies in Tunisia as well as in the MENA region. She designs and leads seminars in management, communication and leadership and provides individual as well as group coaching. Prior to returning to Tunisia and founding her own company, Ms. Ben-Othman lived in the United States for 20 years and had a 14 year career in Information Technology (IT), 8 years as a Software Integration Engineer and IT Project Manager. She occupied positions such as Chief Information Officer, Lead Project Engineer and Consultant, in these positions she recruited and managed IT professionals, designed and implemented complete technology solutions for various clients such as large hospitals and government agencies in the United States. These clients include Texas Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, Trinity Hospitals and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI). For 10 years Ahlem volunteered with Landmark Education leading seminars in the US and England. She coached and trained leaders (men and women) in discovering their life’s purpose, fulfilling their dreams and transforming their environment such that they realize what they see possible in their careers, their communities and in life itself. She earned her M.A. in Mathematics Education and a certificate to teach mathematics from the State of Ohio, a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Ohio State University, in Columbus Ohio and she wrote a Thesis and published a report on the Climatological Analysis of Lake Erie Circulation for the US Army Corps of Engineers. Ahlem is the president of the youth empowerment and development association (YEDA), a founding member of the Mediterranean Coaches Club, and a founding member of Women & Leadership NGO. She is a member of the honor society of civil engineers (CHI EPSILON) of which she was the Ohio State University chapter president 1989, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), and the winner of the OSU women leadership award 1991. She speaks 4 languages and lives by the motto “anything is truly possible”.



Co-Founder & Regional Director (Middle East)

is a multilingual seasoned trainer and seminar leader with over 10 years of hands on experience in management,, market studies, business development and journalism in various fields and countries. He was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, and holds a B.Sc. in computer science from Haigazian University His journey took him from martial arts to yoga and to all manner of alternative and energy healing teachings, and was spurred by his friends to professionally heal others as well.   Aside from his natural healing practice and energy diets, he teaches yoga to private students and freelances as a copywriter for various media/advertising companies, writes business and economic analyses for the Oxford Business Group and Business Week Al Arabiya, as well as health and social issues for other publications (Airport and Al Buraq magazines in Kuwait among others). His greatest joy is in initiating individuals and groups into opening their energies and awakening their vast dormant potentials. “The more I have to do, the more time I have on my hands,” he says jokingly, “as life is a great learning adventure to be experienced fully.”   His motto is “Impossible doesn’t exist. Anything can be realized. Never try, JUST DO IT!!”

Company Presentation

A multinational services company based in Tunisia, ArAhA operates mainly in the Middle East, Africa and North America. Management consulting, executive coaching, customized training programs, change management, evaluation and benchmarking are some of the services provided.

Local services in Tunisia are provided by “World Network Consulting Services”, a sister company, with both firms represented by founding partner Ahlem Ben Othman. ArAhA and WNCS were created to address the growing needs of an emergent market in the region.

Our inherent strengths are our proven commitment to make an effective difference utilizing our creativity, hands on approach, our team of seasoned experts from various multinational backgrounds, and of course our successful track record. As head of training at CEPEX Ramla Cheffi said, “The programs are effective, enjoyable, practical, simple and to the point.”

Our Value Proposition

Who are our Clients

We work with enterprises that have made success and increasing productivity their primary objective. They are companies that are either well established in their industries or companies that are just starting to make a name for themselves in the market. They are companies that would like to empower their employees to take full responsibility over reaching the companies’ objectives. Our clients may be embarking on a large project implementation or they created a mission that will increase their turnover for the year. They see the importance of supporting their staff to carry out the objectives to ensure the success of their projects

Our Approach

We use our resources (from experts in the field to coaches and experienced consultants) who have a track record of success in supporting individuals, companies and groups in reaching their goals. We solve the subtle problems that occur during any initiative by focusing on the human factor primarily. We have worked with countless individuals over the years and with a large number of companies both in Tunisia and Abroad. We have been able to help them eliminate stress that naturally comes with having a big responsibility and the added pressure of deadlines and producing certain results. We are able to save our clients time and money by preventing certain blockages that are natural in any implementation.

Some of Our Consulting Missions

Landmark Education, Cincinnati Ohio, USA

Landmark Education, Cincinnati Ohio, USA

This program was designed to train the team that would in turn coach and train the introduction leaders for Landmark Education. The program became the most successful worldwide, in just 6 months, producing the highest results among similar programs implemented in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East as demonstrated by the feedback statistics. An initial evaluation to identify accountability levels and gaps in training. Reporting structure. Integrity monitoring. One on one coaching. Strengthening communication among members using conference calls and email groups.

Angy Mattingly, Landmark Forum Leader, Landmark Education, Cincinnati Center Manager 2002,
MEPI (Middle East Partnership Initiative)  Policy Innovation for Learning and Reform (PILLAR)

MEPI (Middle East Partnership Initiative)
Policy Innovation for Learning and Reform (PILLAR)

Evaluation of the 2006 project funded by MEPI (Middle East Partnership Initiative) implemented by the YMCA, An-Nahar daily, International Management and Training Institute and the Forum for Parliamentary Dialogue

YMCA Lebanon. All reports are found on the world wide web.
The Tunisian American Chamber of Commerce (TACC), Training and Development Department, Tunis, Tunisia

The Tunisian American Chamber of Commerce (TACC), Training and Development Department, Tunis, Tunisia

Reinventing the training and development department of TACC, making it a substantial profit center for the chamber. The makeover included: A full set of recommendations based on an in-depth analysis, Implementation of a new vision business plan with specific mission and targets, Revamping and training of the human resources, Turnover jumped from TD 80,000 to TD 170,000 in a time frame of 2 years and without any additional financial expenditures, Influx of trainers and trainees wanting to be part of the TACC programs, as well as numerous organizations wishing to implement the programs in their respective regions.

Mondher Ben Ayed, TACC President (2007-2009)