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How to Effectively Conduct One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Team Building

"The programs are effective, enjoyable, practical, simple and to the point"

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Ramla Cheffi said

Time for Success

The Time Management Seminar

a professional’s issue of the hour

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An international consultants
and business developers in many sectors


World Network Coaching Services

Management consulting, executive coaching, customized training programs, change management, evaluation and benchmarking are some of the services provided.


Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because..

Who are our Clients

We work with enterprises that have made success and increasing productivity their primary objective. They are companies that are either well established in their industries or companies that are just starting to make a name for themselves in the market. They are companies that would like to empower their employees to take full responsibility over reaching the companies’ objectives. Our clients may be embarking on a large project implementation or they created a mission that will increase their turnover for the year. They see the importance of supporting their staff to carry out the objectives to ensure the success of their projects

Our Approach

We use our resources (from experts in the field to coaches and experienced consultants) who have a track record of success in supporting individuals, companies and groups in reaching their goals. We solve the subtle problems that occur during any initiative by focusing on the human factor primarily. We have worked with countless individuals over the years and with a large number of companies both in Tunisia and Abroad. We have been able to help them eliminate stress that naturally comes with having a big responsibility and the added pressure of deadlines and producing certain results. We are able to save our clients time and money by preventing certain blockages that are natural in any implementation.

Gender Based Training

We offer custom designed training programs for the ladies to have them be efficient and result oriented so that they can contribute positively to the whole enterprise.

Work-Life Balance

This is a new training program that combines our proven successful methodology with the time management and gender knolwdge and expertise to produce highly appreciated results.

The Art of Inner & Outer Communication

Based heavily on distinguishing the « LISTENING », this program is the stepping stone to any effective professional. It is a must have.

Gender Based Training

The Time Management Seminar

Time management is the professional’s issue of the hour. Whether you have had training in time management before or not you will benefit greatly.

Team Management

Effectiveness in managing a team is the sure make it or break it factor for reaching company objectives. Come and get empowered in doing just that

The Power of Leadership I - VII

This is a condensed version of our leadership program for those who want to get the results in 3 days instead of 4 weeks contact us to see what our clients are saying about this rich seminar


  • Before the Training

    We understand that there are some commonalities between all industries but there are also many differences and we focus on identifying...
  • During the Training

    Our coaching methods are a combination of high quality training and pooled experiences in the business world...
  • After the Training

    With most of our training we offer a 2 week remote coaching package, what is referred to as “accompagnement” in French...
“learning the 10 golden rules of time management was an area in which the seminar was particularly effective for me.”

Saifallah Hammi

Account Executive PF7 McCANN
“I recommended the seminar and I'll recommend it whenever the opportunity arises”

Houssem Edine

MKAOUAR Project Manager Office des Céréales
“was impressed by the effective & simple performance giving impact”

Ramla cheffi

Directeur centrale de l'animation Cepex